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There was a time you couldn’t fake your game. They turned the red light on and you delivered the goods, or you were chased off stage by someone else who could. You were making magic, or you couldn’t make nothing at all.

good shit.

Everyone who has a working set of ears really needs to listen to these four songs. With stuff like this, these guys are going to be the next big thing. I’m sure of it.

This is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. Everything about it. The words, the melody, the harmony. Just everything about it.

this is one of my favorite songs. granted, most saves the day songs are my favorite songs, but this one more than most.

This song makes me proud to be a hockey fan. I love The Weakerthans and John K. Samson. This record is a banger, and this is one of my favorite songs from it. Go sign the petition in the name of the song, by the way.

I really love this song.

Would you fight on the phone over me, please? Could the wrong one of you choose me? If you think making out on a pool table’s hard, you should try dating girls with no car. But, I’ll thank you later. I’ll thank you later. Can you tell I don’t know where to put these? I could use a little help, please. But, I’ll thank you later. I’ll thank you later.

Am I the only person that remembers this band and how catchy they were?

Friends!  Acquaintances!  Anyone!

New music has ARRIVED!!!!!!

Linked here is my band’s newest release, entitled CH EP2.  We’re called Concrete Houses, and I’m very excited for this stuff.  I hope you, after giving it a listen, will be too.  What I would love more than anything else is if all of my pals on here could re-blog this to their followers, just to grab us a bit of exposure.  The record is up for sale, but it’s also available to stream completely.  I would appreciate TREMENDOUSLY any attempt to re-blog or push this to your followers.  It would mean the world to me, honestly.

Any feedback on the music is appreciated, and any way you could help get this music to some new people comes with a debt of gratitude from me.  Thank you all so much!