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There was a time you couldn’t fake your game. They turned the red light on and you delivered the goods, or you were chased off stage by someone else who could. You were making magic, or you couldn’t make nothing at all.

The Rival Schools record that almost never was. #rivalschools #schreifels #vinyl #vinylgram #opaqueassgold

Beautiful looking. If only the record sounded as good as it looked. #youngnewengland #bummer #waitingforlp4 #vinyl #vinylgram #transit

While we’re at it, Punchline getting some vinyl treatment for their best record. 11th Grade, man. Whoa. #punchline #action #vinyl #vinylgram #tdrrecords #battlescars

Wilhelm Scream’s repress of Ruiner. Had to grab it to close out my Wilhelm collection. On some sweet Purple Marble. #wilhelm #shredcity #vinyl #vinylgram #ruiner #thekingisdead

this is the reason that dave grohl wins best human

this is the reason that dave grohl wins best human

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Keep Calm and Kill Steen Kill by ~PW-Gonzalo

for my pop @iamacricket




Norma Jean were supposed to release a new song today. Instead they released a fake out of something called ”Ahh! Shark Bite! Ahh!” Stream it below by clicking “Read More.”

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the only problem with this is that my ribs hurt a lot so the laughing is doing me dirty.

Cave In’s “Antenna”. Released by Hydra Head in 2003. 2xLP on Orange. /500. #427

My heart stays in the lead. That was a good one, Bob.